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The Norwegian Government has agreed on part 2 of the coronavirus crisis package

On Thursday, March 19th, the Norwegian Government agreed on part 2 of the crisis package in regards to the Corona crisis.

Proposal to reduce the employer's national insurance contribution

It is proposed to reduce the employer's national insurance contribution rate by 4 % for two months.  

The proposal has not yet been approved, and it is uncertain what period this will apply to and the deadline for payment. According to the tax authorities employers should not make changes to the reporting, but continue to report at the usual rates. If you have already submitted the report for March no changes should be made.

In Nord-Troms and Finnmark where the employer’s national insurance contribution rate is 0 %, compensation is proposed.

Other proposals

  • NAV, municipalities and the health care system will be financially compensated for extra costs as a result of the pandemic.
  • The government will as soon as possible come back with a temporary arrangement through the Student Loan Fund, for students who experiences loss of income as a result of the corona pandemic.
  • The government will come back with proposals that can ensure reduced tariffs on national highways ferries for a limited period.
  • Online education shall be made available.
  • Compensation arrangement for loss of income with NOK 300 million for the cultural sector and NOK 600 million for sports and voluntary activities.
  • Ensure that the displacement of income, and thus temporary revenue increase, as a result of the temporary corona measures is not deducted from the housing subsidy. Housing allowance paid in anticipation of later benefits must also be limited to subsequent payments.

The government announces that they will propose additional financial measures on March 27.