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HSE/(HMS) – Card for employees

HSE/(HMS) – Card for employees


Employers are obligated to obtain a HSE/(HMS)-card for its employees working within the following business areas:


  • Construction sites
  • Work on buildings
  • Installation work
  • Cleaning services
  • Car care, wheel change and wheel storage


The card identifies the employee and which company he or she works for and confirms that both the company and the employee are registered in the necessary public registers.


The employer must obtain the HSE/(HMS)-card from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authorities and the employee may not start working until the card is ordered.


To apply for the HSE/(HMS)-card the employees must possess a national identification number (d-number). If the employees do not possess such number, the process of receiving this could be time consuming as the employee must book an appointment at a tax office to confirm his/her identity. At the current time we experience the waiting time for such appointments to be several weeks.