Concentrate on your core business

Through the application of transparent administrative routines and preliminary systems, we have the capacity to rationalise aspects such as payroll management and customer and supplier ledgers. Our preliminary systems are adapted to suit company type, so that you do not need to invest in inhouse training and IT systems to accommodate your company-typical administration tasks. We work will all commonly used software and have the skill and training required to get the job done quickly, accurately and efficiently. Routines concerning VAT, tax at source and invoicing are other standard administrative tasks that we handle.

We make sure that both your external and internal accounting requirements are covered. We prepare tailor-made reports and supply precisely the decision-making bases you need to run and manage your business.

Year-end closings
In the context of year-end closings, we take care to submit the year-end report at the correct time and to present it in a manner that allows you to evaluate your profits and efficiently steer your business towards new goals.

Annual reports and financial returns
A natural part of our responsibility as accounting consultants involves ensuring that companies' annual reports and financial returns are prepared and submitted in good time.

Financial control
Today, it is becoming increasingly common for our customers to let us handle the entire company's financial function, including the qualified financial control aspects. Here, we take on the role of CFO or controller, focusing on budgeting and follow-up. We prepare decision-making bases, analyse them and act within the company to improve profitability.

Professional consultancy on the subject of the company's situation, finances, financial control and profitability is an area in which Grant Thornton has extensive experience. For many years, we have acted as consultants to both large and small companies, helping them to come up with solutions to the financial issues of current importance to both the company and the company owners.

Our Outsourced accounting


All foreign companies that choose to do business in Norway are required to follow Norwegian bookkeeping and reporting obligations. Do you know what these obligations are?