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The Importance of Diversity

The Importance of Diversity

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Simple “research” shows that diversity is important to gain a deeper insight and to see the overall picture

It has been assumed that if one has documented insights and expertise in one area, one is able to have insight in all areas. Authoritative management, where the leader has answers to everything and understands everything best, has been cultivated! Such leadership has for a long time prevailed in strong professional environments such as the medical, legal and auditing industries. Is this a sustainable way of solving the challenges of the future?

The term VUCA is often used to describe our present and our future expectations. Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity characterize the challenges and problems we face. Is Authoritative Management what leads us to the best result?

There are many indications that people are much more dependent on people with different backgrounds such as different personalities, skills, experience and knowledge. Diversity becomes an important success factor for the society and businesses that aim to solve current and future challenges.

My simple research is based on a hypothesis that people with different backgrounds can see completely different challenges and characteristics in the same situation.

I presented the picture above to three people with different backgrounds and asked the following question: What thoughts do you have about this business? The whole business is what you see in the picture (sales pay with Vipps).

Person 1 works with Marketing and has education from Marketing.

Response: This seems to be the right item in the right place - but does the price seem to be somewhat high?

Person 2 works with HR and has education in Organization and Leadership

Response: Since there are no people around, this must be based on trust

Person 3 is studying Master in Auditing and Accounting

Response: Since people can take the wood without paying, there is a risk

This research has no validity - but it clearly illustrates that people with different backgrounds and experience see totally different challenges and characteristics given the same information.

The question is; Do we just want to see our own perception of a situation or can it be helpful to hear others' perception of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous challenge.